• Healthy Team, Better Work.

    EMFRESH For Office is an Health & Wellness program for offices in Bangkok. We provide a safe healthy food delivery service. We deliver fresh, safe vegetables and healthy food to your office every week. Employees at your company will be able to enjoy fresh food at any time they want.

  • How Does It Work?

    Install Fridge

    EMFRESH installs a fridge, POP and cash box without any installation cost

    Delivery from Farm

    EMFRESH deliver fresh produce every twice a week

    Take anytime

    You can pick the pack you like
    anytime you like

  • Why should you use EMFRESH?

    CEO and HR Manager introduce our service to make more productive team
    Now, a company start contributing to improve employee health

    Improve Your Employee's Health

    Improve the eating habits of your employees that may be full of convenience store bento, precooked food, and confectionaries.​

    Increase Motivation

    Motivate your employees much more by introducing the new wellness program

    Attract Talented Staff

    use this wellness program as a tool for recruiting talented people

    Improve Communication

    install the fridge at your break room where communication becomes better

  • Testimonials

    Mr. Yasushi Odahara



    ”Although Our thai team didn't have vegetable eating habit, they became positive about eating vegetable now.. Some of staffs take Emfresh Vegetable back to home. Everyone feels happy that we have affordable yet delicious vegetable at office.”

    Mr. Hidetoshi Umeki

    TOYO Business Group

    Group CEO

    “Since we got easier access to fresh vegetable, now we can eat it during break without effort" "Our worker reduced amount of snacks and now manage their health condition by themselves."

    Mr. Hiroaki Arakane

    Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.


    "We receive fresh vegetable from Emfresh every week. Our Thai worker specially love mini tomato."

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